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Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain

Front design group's Animal Collection

I have been completely taken by Dutch design group Front and their animal collection of furniture that I discovered at Hive Modern Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain, . 750mg Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain, Front started in 2003 by a design group of four. All members are involved in the design process from initial discussions and concepting to final product, Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain canada. Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain australia, Their works aim to explore and investigate mutual interests. And the final products often communicate a story to the observer about the design process, 1000mg Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain, 10mg Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain, conventions within the product field or the material used to manufacture it.


The animal collection consists of three life size pieces: a horse lamp, a pig table and a rabbit lamp, Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain. The size and detail of each are simply enchanting and, Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain overseas, Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain uk, in the case of the horse lamp, imposing, Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain us. 500mg Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain,


I'm intrigued the more literal exploration of the trend of bringing nature inside the home. This, 50mg Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain, once again, is accomplished with irony but also with respect and as a reminder of man's present and historical connection with these three specific animals either in play or work. But besides all that I think they are just fabulous.


I love the placement of the rabbit lamp in this glamorous room, it brings whimsy and fun to this ultra sexy reading nook.

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2 Responses to “Las Vegas Tetracycline Stain”
  1. Eric Says:

    Great discovery. I wonder if they do them in other colors, or if that would just be too much.

  2. Blair Stump Says:

    Very fresh, but with class. I would like to see how they are made.


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