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Diflucan Vs Nystatin

Giving Back

Diflucan Vs Nystatin, In the entertainment industry where we are all laser focused on "getting to the next level" or finding "the next big thing," it is refreshing to see a surge where giving back to others is the focus.  Form  Oprah's Big Give to Extreme Home Makeover, Diflucan Vs Nystatin japan,  helping other people is becoming a trend.  That is one trend I can get behind.Yesterday I was able to participate in an event for Companions in Courage, a charity that was started by Pat LaFontaine, 500mg Diflucan Vs Nystatin.  Aside from Pat being one of the most kind hearted people I have met, Diflucan Vs Nystatin usa, he is also an NHL Hall of Famer and an example of someone who became laser focused on a mission to do good for others. His foundation was created to build interactive playrooms in children's hospitals across the country replacing the isolation that kids have while they are in the hospital with the ability to connect with old friends, family, 100mg Diflucan Vs Nystatin, and the chance to chat with other children that are struggling with illness just like they are.Pat's mission statement ties in very closely with mine. I believe that people should take the time to connect and build stronger relationships and adding the Lions Den rooms supports the very same thing - the power of a human relationship.The event yesterday was to launch Pat's program in three hospitals - Seattle, New York, and LA, Diflucan Vs Nystatin. Diflucan Vs Nystatin overseas, Companions in Courage partnered with Microsoft to build the interactive kiosks where the kids can play games against other kids in other cities, and the best part with the help of a web cam they can see each other and even have a conversation. Along with me, Diflucan Vs Nystatin uk, on hand to help the kids at Childrens Hospital in Seattle were Marcus Trufant from the Seattle Seahawks, Diflucan Vs Nystatin india, and Jeff Neilson from the Seattle Mariners. Celebrities on hand in the other cities included Susan Saradon, Dr, Diflucan Vs Nystatin paypal. Oz, 20mg Diflucan Vs Nystatin, and Michael Imperioli.The best quote of the day was when one reporter asked one of the kids playing games at the kiosk, "what would you do if you didn't have things like these games," and the kid replied, 150mg Diflucan Vs Nystatin, "I'd be really mad, because I don't see my friends and stuff like that." Out of the mouths of babes!Aside from learning more about how much these Lions Den rooms are going to affect the kids at Childrens Hospitals around the country, I think we all learned that games have come a long way from Pong and Frogger. Apparently I need to pick up the X-Box 360 and practice a bit more. :)Thanks Pat, for coming up with a brilliant idea that is going to help so many children and for asking me to be a part of opening day!To see a clip check out this:  .

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