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Best Price Lumigan, As the title of my blog describes, I am in the whirlwind process of creating a multi-media Lifestyle company and it is crazy, fun, tiring, challenging, interesting - everything I dreamed it would be and more. Going from a social worker for Child Protective Services to a Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert seems like quite the leap, and yet they tie together in a strange way, Best Price Lumigan paypal. As a social worker I worked with families encouraging them to focus on their family and relationships, Best Price Lumigan mexico, and as a Lifestyle and Entertaining expert my focus is to inspire people to strengthen their relationships through developing their signature style translating that to the environment they live in, the way the entertain, and how they acknowledge others, Best Price Lumigan ebay. My philosophy is that people can make a deeper connection to others if their style truly reflects their values and passions, Best Price Lumigan us, allowing others to catch a glimpse inside their soul through the outside presentation.

Many of you have asked about my "K." I have developed and built two brands now and have always believed that the one place I could not sacrifice was in the development of my brand mark, and the design and construction of my collateral materials (i.e, 20mg Best Price Lumigan. website, business cards, press kits, etc.), Best Price Lumigan. As I preach in my segments and articles packaging is important. 40mg Best Price Lumigan, How do you design a brand mark to represent what you believe in and represent. In the case of the "K," I wanted something powerful, 50mg Best Price Lumigan. Red is a powerful color, 150mg Best Price Lumigan, it is the color of passion, and in some countries it represents good luck. Best Price Lumigan, Both of my brand marks incorporated the color red for those reasons. With dreams of a multi-media company dancing in my head, Best Price Lumigan australia, the Kelley Moore Creative Media mark needed to transition easily from the web, 750mg Best Price Lumigan, to television, to books, and to packaging. I wanted something bold, and yet whimsical like my personality.


The “K” was born. The designer created it to resemble a ribbon tied on a gift, better to use for packaging the Kelley Moore product line my little pretty. ;)

My advice to anyone making the leap in to the roller coaster ride of starting a new business is to come out of the gate with a strong brand mark and materials, it is all that you have in the beginning to represent what you do, and if you don't have faith in yourself nobody else will.

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