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A Passport to Anywhere

Cipro Hc Otic, With the economy struggling, and budgets tight, leisurely travel is less likely. So gather your friends and throw a party with a focus on International travel.

Ask each guest to bring a dish that represents a different country. Create a play list that gradually takes guests around the globe through the music each culture celebrates.


Then sit down and play, 20mg Cipro Hc Otic, Passport to Culture. 100mg Cipro Hc Otic, Each player is given a passport and the goal is to fill your passport. As you circle the globe you have the opportunity to answer informative, insightful questions on anything from food and drink to greetings and gestures in a variety of countries, 750mg Cipro Hc Otic. As you answer questions correctly your passport is stamped and you find out your Cultural Intelligence, Cipro Hc Otic. For instance, Cipro Hc Otic us, a question might be, "What are Albanians likely to do upon befriending a traveler. What does "Big Ben" actually refer to, Cipro Hc Otic paypal. What country did Panama hats originate in?" The first person to fill their passport wins!

This game will definitely be a conversation starter. Cipro Hc Otic japan, It allows people to find common ground. Cipro Hc Otic, You might find your friends or family have been somewhere you have been too, or that your family heritage is similar. As questions are asked and answered you and your guests will learn more about each other and other cultures helping to broaden understanding and make closer connections to one another.

Send guests home with a handy travel kit. You can buy a fancy one here, Cipro Hc Otic ebay, or put your own together (much less expensive). 50mg Cipro Hc Otic, In a small clear cosmetic case package gum, Evian travel spray, earplugs, Cipro Hc Otic overseas, small hand lotion, 150mg Cipro Hc Otic, and an energy or vitamin powder to add to a glass of water on the plane.

With this party, the world is literally at your fingertips. Bon Voyage.

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