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Administrative Professionals Day

Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, I love an excuse to craft little thank you gifts for the people who help me out everyday (and boy there are a lot of them). Luckily for me, and you, 30mg Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, the Administrative Professionals holiday is just around the corner. The last week of April is the designated Administrative Professionals Week, but Wednesday of that week is Administrative Professionals Day. That means it’s time to recognize those who work with us to make life run a whole lot smoother in the office, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil overseas. Bring your coworkers a little something special to let them know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are some fun, creative and inexpensive ways to show your gratitude for your officemates because everyone knows a happy coworker is an appreciated coworker!

Office Supplies

While you could just give your coworker who sits two desks away some fresh office supplies, why not spice things up by gifting some Smencils, also known as smelly pencils, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil. This way your officemate can get organized and enjoy the lovely scent of a grape flavored writing utensil at the same time. 20mg Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, Not only do they smell delicious, but Smencils are also made from recycled newspapers. Attach a thank you note with some ribbon and you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot with this amusing and eco-friendly Administrative Professionals Day gift!


DIY Bulletin Board

I love this DIY project and it would make quite a dashing office accessory for a coworker. You can craft your own chic bulletin board using a picture frame, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil australia, magazines, and hot glue. I went to the experts at Urban Press Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, to have them cut the ends off of several magazines. Difference Between Prozac And Paxil uk, You want to make sure to cut the end with the binding so the piece stays together. Size all your magazine bindings to fit inside the picture frame. You adhere them to the glass that would normally display the picture using hot glue. Your officemate can then use thumbtacks to hang up notes for appointments or projects at their desk.


Breakfast Floss

There’s nothing a coworker loves more than a cup of coffee in the morning so imagine how thrilled they’ll be when you present them with a gift card to a local coffee house, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil coupon. Attach the gift card to a pack of breakfast floss, a hilarious assortment of savory flavored flosses (like coffee, bacon and waffles) to encourage your office buddy to indulge in the most important meal of the day, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil. Just don’t be surprised if your comical gift earns you the reputation of the office clown.


Be prepared

You never know when you’re going to need to write a thank you note to a client or prepare a last minute birthday card for a friend. It would be a really nice gesture to give a coworker a supply of miscellaneous cards that can be used for any occasion. 100mg Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, I picked out some great cards from Compendium that are also eco-friendly. Your coworker will definitely find a stack of anytime cards handy during the workweek.


The Golden Ticket

Save your coworker the trip the office vending machine by leaving a chocolately treat on their desk for Administrative Professionals Day. Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, I love a good ole Hershey’s Bar. With the candy bar include a golden ticket that reads, “$25.00 added to your next paycheck, 40mg Difference Between Prozac And Paxil. Thanks for all your hard work.” I don’t think anything could compliment a bar of chocolate more nicely than a little bit of greenback!


Snack Attack

If you’ve got a friend in the office who has a case of the work time munchies, they will certainly appreciate this humorous gift. 750mg Difference Between Prozac And Paxil, Find a personal sized cereal crank and fill it with your officemate’s most beloved cereal. Set it on their desk with a sign that says “Brain Food”. Your coworker can satisfy that snack attack with some brain powered fruit loops to be even more efficient in the workplace.



Flowers are a great way to say thank you to your coworker, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil. Deliver a flower to your officemate inside a common desk accessory, a pencil holder, Difference Between Prozac And Paxil usa. Look for a uniquely shaped pencil holder that will look great even when just housing plain old office supplies. After your gifts wilts they can use the pencil holder with it’s more traditional use in mind, to hold pencils. It’s useful and thoughtful.


Notebooks for Every Month

If your coworker is the type who takes lots of notes at meetings then they are sure to appreciate a gift like this. Give them a set of monthly notebooks that will allow for the utmost amount of organization and brainstorming through all the seasons. Anyone can find a use for a blank piece of paper, even if that means doodling during your lunch break. If you don’t want to buy a set of pre-made monthly notebooks you can make your own with labels or stickers. Whether it’s a creative outlet or a place to record important information, a notebook is a quintessential office supply.


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