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Beatnik Party

Erythromycin Acne Treatment, In the 1950’s and 60’s, just after World War II, the Beat Generation became an influential lifestyle movement that embraced anti-materialism. The Beat Generation started with Jack Kerouac who identified himself and his group of friends as beats, detaching themselves from the pressures of society and its possessive nature. Beatniks were pioneers in poetry, literature, 10mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment, and film and measured success without a thought to their monetary worth. The Beat Generation was concerned with self growth through active soul-searching. This 50’s youth culture wandered the country in search of truth and meaning while being non-conformists in thought and dress. While the Beat generation wasn’t simply about poetry, berets, and bongo drums these activities catch a bit of the invigorating essence of the culture, Erythromycin Acne Treatment. 500mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and early Pink Floyd were all said to have been impacted by the beat movement. Have a beatnik party with your friends to celebrate April, which is also Poetry Month, Erythromycin Acne Treatment australia, by incorporating the most recognized elements of the beatnik culture to share their liberating ideas and be a free bird for a day!


Spread a little beatnik persona by sending an invitation to your guests fashioned after a beret. Cut out two pieces of felt that mimic the silhouette of a beret. Hot glue the pieces together leaving a small opening to fill the inside with batting. Erythromycin Acne Treatment, Finish the bottom of the hat off by sealing it with hot glue and ribbon. 200mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment, I even added a miniature bow for some extra flair. Don’t forget to attach your party info!


Set the Mood

When I picture a beatnik I see them chilling out in a constant state of ambiance. All that poetry reading and free-spiritness calls for some serious soft lighting. Switch out your normal light bulbs for colored ones to create a more relaxed atmosphere in your home. You can even light a few candles and play some Bob Dylan to score extra beatnik points.


Dress the Part

To be a beat you’ve got to dress the part, Erythromycin Acne Treatment. Naturally, 150mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment, you would wear a beret and perhaps a flannel shirt or black turtleneck. Throw some beads around your neck and finish the look with some dark sunglasses (yes, even in ambiance). Erythromycin Acne Treatment usa, Consider including a few suggestions like these on your invitation so your guests can come prepared in the most “cool cat” attire they own. It’s easy to throw an outfit together when the dress code is so laidback and comfortable.


Beatnik Bites

It can get exhausting being as cool as a beat generation kid so make sure you have some beatnik bites set out for your friends. Make your dishes really fit the theme by raising them off the table with a set of bongo drums Erythromycin Acne Treatment, . The beats loved to share their poetry over some coffee and a bit of bongo music. After you and your guests are finished munching on your favorite snacks you can pull the drums out for a bongo beating session of your own.


Poetry Reading

To be a true beatnik for the day you have to have an undying love for self-expression. While the bongo drum is out and about start up a poetry reading activity with your fellow beats, Erythromycin Acne Treatment coupon. I made a handful of cards so each guest can pull a subject for their poem from the deck. I placed an image of a microphone on the front and categories on the back, Erythromycin Acne Treatment. Consider using ideas like love, your job, 20mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment, the hostess, or music. After everyone draws a card, take 5 minutes to create a poem. Make sure your verses consist of cool beatnik jargon; your reputation as a beat depends on it, 50mg Erythromycin Acne Treatment.


Coffee Cocktail

A cocktail inspired by the coolest coffee houses in the 50’s is the obvious drink of choice at your beatnik gathering. Erythromycin Acne Treatment, Pick up some vodka, coffee liquor, and coffee to concoct these delicious beverages. Combine 2 parts vodka, 1 part coffee liquor and 1 part coffee. Erythromycin Acne Treatment japan, Shake all the ingredients together, pour over ice, and serve up in some martini glasses. If you have friends who aren’t totally enthused about your planned poetry reading, think about serving these drinks right before the bongo drums come out!



Never send your guests away without a little something to remember you by. For your beatnik takeaway give everyone a retro mug to bring home. They can tote around the new cup and drink their morning cup of joe reminiscing about the night they were the a anti-conforming cool-cat beat who loved to share their verses and play the bongo. “Oh-daddy-oh to be a beat, those were the days” they’ll say!


Check out Kelley's King 5 Segment, April 17th, for more Beatnik party ideas!


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