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Drug Facts On Tetracycline

Celebrate Summer Reads

Drug Facts On Tetracycline, On lazy summer days there’s nothing better than a cold glass of iced tea and a great book. Whether you’re reading a best seller or revisiting an old favorite, sharing the experience with others adds fun and insight to the experience. This summer, 20mg Drug Facts On Tetracycline, get a group of friends together and plan a book club. Put a spin on the typical book discussion by throwing a party that incorporates elements of the book and sparks discussion this summer. Drug Facts On Tetracycline usa, Here are two books that are sure to be fun and interesting to get you started:

Chasing Harry Winston


If you’re looking for a hot summer read, check out Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger (author of the Devil Wears Prada). The novel involves three best friends living in Manhattan whose lives have taken an unexpected turn, Drug Facts On Tetracycline. Dissatisfied with their situations, they pledge to radically change their lives within one year.


Reflect the title in the invitation by tying a large diamond ring (fake of course) to invitations with ribbon, Drug Facts On Tetracycline canada. The ring not only represents a visit to Harry Winston, but also reflects the story of the main character Emmy, Drug Facts On Tetracycline japan, who desperately wants a ring (think Charlotte from Sex and the City).


For your centerpiece, don't buy flowers, make a trip to the fruit isle at the grocery store. Fill a large glass cylinder with red apples (representing the Big Apple where the story is set) and then fill the cylinder with water, Drug Facts On Tetracycline uk. The apples will magnify and the color will be vibrant.


The three women in the novel pledge to change their lives, so encourage your guests to make resolutions themselves. Drug Facts On Tetracycline, Send them home with a calendar as a reminder to keep their resolution. 100mg Drug Facts On Tetracycline, I adore this small desk calendar by Seattle based designer Ilee. The colors are vibrant and it is produced in letterpress which gives it a fabulous quality.

The Mysterious Montague


If you’re interested in a biography, check out The Mysterious Montague by Leigh Montville. The story offers a look at the life of the evasive golf legend John Montague, Drug Facts On Tetracycline us. Considered one of the greatest golfers of the 1930’s, Montague remained a celebrity among celebrities, 10mg Drug Facts On Tetracycline, rather than to the public, as he refused his image to be shown to the public. When a newscaster captured his picture, he was quickly identified as a fugitive and his secret unraveled.


Allow your guests to play fugitives themselves by sending invitations that look like “Wanted” fliers, Drug Facts On Tetracycline coupon. Place a picture of your guest on the front of the invite created to look like a “Wanted” poster and you’ll be sure to get their attention.


Incorporate the golf theme into your decor by creating a centerpiece with a collection of vintage trophies. Place vintage golf trophies (available at consignment and antique stores) on a faux grass mat, 150mg Drug Facts On Tetracycline, add golf balls and tees on the grass to complete the look.


Help your guests become experts on the green with a digital score keeper presented in a small box filled with faux grass. Nestle the score keeper in the center with a tag marked "fore!" and they will be inspired to get out and play a round.

Whether you pick up one of these popular reads this summer, or you select your own, selecting a book to tackle together with friends creates a common ground, and it is another reason to get together and celebrate.

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