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Champagne Bar

Zithromax Severe Reaction, With candy and dessert buffets all the rage this last season, I think it's time for a seasonal update of the ever popular sweets smorgasbord.

Champagne is the drink of choice during the holiday season and while these festive bubbles are perfect on their own, I think a fun rendition of this classic drink would be doctoring up a Champagne Bar complete with mixers, recipes and garnishes, allowing your guests ultimate personalization.

I broke the bar down into three parts: the Flute, 50mg Zithromax Severe Reaction, the Champagne and the Mixers. How you present your ingredients is up to you, but candy buffets can be a great inspiration. Adding height with risers and pedestals is a great way to create interest on your tabletop. Don't have party ready risers, Zithromax Severe Reaction. 250mg Zithromax Severe Reaction, Take shoe boxes, paint cans or other sturdy tins of varying shapes and hide them under your tablecloth. Be sure that your boxes are able to hold at least 20 lbs of weight and are sturdy so they're not knocked over by eager hands!


Choosing your Flutes

$ - Bargain Price - Ikea
1. Skir Coup, $4.99
2. Rara Flute, Zithromax Severe Reaction craiglist, $2.99
3. Salvka Glass Zithromax Severe Reaction, , $ .83

$$ - Quality Piece - Crate & Barrel

4. Edge Flute, $11.95
5. Verve Flute, 500mg Zithromax Severe Reaction, $12.95
6. Mara Flute, $12.95

$$$ - Invest in Design - Velocity Art & Design
7. iittala Essence, $15.00
8. iittala Arne Champagne, $25.00
9, Zithromax Severe Reaction. Molo Float, Zithromax Severe Reaction uk, $45.00


Choosing your Bubbly

$ - Easy on the Pocket Book
1. Korbel Chardonnay Champagne, $11.00 - $15.00
2. Lucien Albrecht Cremant D'Alsace Brut, 750mg Zithromax Severe Reaction, $16.00 - $19.00
3. Heidsieck & Co. Zithromax Severe Reaction, Monopole, $16.00 - $19.00

$$ - A Generous Gift
4. Non vintage G.H. Mumm & Cie, $37.00 - $39.00
5. Charles Heidsieck, 20mg Zithromax Severe Reaction, $36.00 - $44.00
6. Nicolas Feuillatte, $29.00 - $40.00

$$$ - Show Off
7. Moet & Chandon, $55.00 - $70.00
8, Zithromax Severe Reaction. Ruinart Champagne, Zithromax Severe Reaction us, $66.00 - $68.00
9. Delamotte Champagne, $85.00 - $90.00


Mixn' it Up
Now that you've got your glasses and champagne lined up, you can get creative with the recipes and mixers you decide to provide for your bar. I used a simple recipe guide from the Food Network to get my drink ideas. Some of the drink names are a little dark, Zithromax Severe Reaction coupon, so don't hesitate to change the names to fit your party. Zithromax Severe Reaction, (i.e. "Death in the Afternoon" might be a bit morbid for a holiday bash)

Now you need to share your recipes with your guests. Create a series of recipe cards and neatly display them with each recipe's corresponding ingredients for easy cocktail building. Arrange your fruit, Zithromax Severe Reaction india, juice and citrus twists in clear containers, ensuring a pop of bold color on your tabletop. For a contemporary look, consider merchandising your mixers and garnishes in matching containers. Their repetitive shape will create a clean, modern look.

The final step. Pour yourself a glass, create a cocktail and celebrate with your guests. Cheers!

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