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DIY Feather Tree

Retin A Online Pharmacy, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I apologize for the lack of posts last week, Retin A Online Pharmacy usa, but I made a decision that I had to take a break and actually spend time with family and friends without the pressure of work. I am back though, and ready to share holiday decorating, Retin A Online Pharmacy overseas, party, Retin A Online Pharmacy craiglist, and gift ideas.

This weekend, as always, I spent putting up the first tree in my house, Retin A Online Pharmacy ebay. Yes, 100mg Retin A Online Pharmacy, I said first tree. I always have a few, one of which always has to be real not artificial, Retin A Online Pharmacy japan, but I am always coming up with new ways to translate a traditional tree in to something a bit more unusual. This year, I am using one room to create Santa's Workshop and of course I immediately thought of the North Pole, Retin A Online Pharmacy. 150mg Retin A Online Pharmacy, I am pulling together accessories in crisp whites and icy blues, but I didn't want to use one of those artificial white trees - I wanted something a bit softer. A few years ago I created a large wreath from red feather boas, 1000mg Retin A Online Pharmacy, so this year I decided to used white feather boas to create this tree:


To make the tree pick up Styrofoam wreath forms in graduating sizes at your local craft store. Retin A Online Pharmacy india, Remember that you will be using the largest wreath form to create the bottom of the tree and the wreaths get smaller as they reach the top of the tree. The top of the tree is created by using a small Styrofoam cone. Select the color of feather boa Retin A Online Pharmacy, that you would like to use, and purchase enough boas to cover each wreath. The largest wreath form should take no more than 5 boas to cover the form.

To create the base use a simple coat rack and spray paint it the color of the boas that you selected for a sophisticated look, 250mg Retin A Online Pharmacy. You can also create a base using plywood and a simple dowel to support the center of the tree. Paint the base the color of the boas and wrap the base in Christmas lights.

Using a heavy gauge staple secure one end of the boa to the wreath form. Secure each end of the boa and add the next boa wrapping the wreath being sure to cover the entire form.

Once all of the wreath forms are covered in boas tie string in four places around the bottom wreath form. Leaving one inch between the bottom wreath and the next wreath, Retin A Online Pharmacy. Repeat this until you reach the top, or the smallest wreath. Top the tree with the Styrofoam cone (also covered in feather boa). Drill out the center of the cone and slide the cone on to the top of the dowel. Use the string to secure the Styrofoam cone to the smallest wreath form. Plug the tree in and you are ready to go.

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