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Earth Day Products

20 Mg Cialis, In 1969 (in Seattle, Washington!) concerns about the environment were finally voiced by politicians, students, and journalists alike. Several months later there were grassroot gatherings across the nation in hopes that decisions could be made to help better the future of the planet. Forty years later April 22nd is still known as Earth Day all over the world and efforts are being made across the globe to strive for a sustainable planet. 20 Mg Cialis craiglist, As people become more and more conscious of their carbon footprint and the way their actions influence the world around them, tons of great environmentally friendly products that are hitting the market. If you are looking for some ideas to kick start your more eco-conscious lifestyle, check out these goods!

Glimpse Skin Care

Earth day is a reminder to once again take a look at your daily routine and the products you use, 1000mg 20 Mg Cialis. Ask yourself where changes can happen to make your lifestyle more eco responsive, 20 Mg Cialis. Often when I’m looking at things like transportation and recycling habits I completely bypass my skincare regimen. A lot of skincare products contain harmful ingredients and harsh chemicals. 750mg 20 Mg Cialis, Opt for something Mother Nature will love from Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care. All of Glimpse’s products are made with botanical ingredients that are nutrient rich and without the toxins thanks to their “green chemistry” promise.


Preserve Flatware

If you’re going to be hosting an event where you’ll be using disposable flatware (think summer barbeques) consider purchasing this Preserve Flatware from Crate & Barrel. 20 Mg Cialis, The utensils are made from recyclable materials and can be recycled after use. I’m crazy about the bold red color they come in and they’re even dishwasher safe so you can reuse them at various events you host. This is a great way to invest in an environmentally friendly product to avoid producing excess garbage, 20 Mg Cialis coupon.


Clean with Something Green

When you finish dinner what’s left. Dishes. Are you going to clean them with that canary florescent green and yellow sponge you have by the sink, 20 Mg Cialis. 20 Mg Cialis ebay, When the sponge gets old are you going to simply throw it away. Shame on you. Get one of these Loofah Sponges from Twist. They are made without chemicals and dyes, 20 Mg Cialis india. 20 Mg Cialis, When you’re ready to toss it in the trash wait. These sponges are biodegradable and can be composted. How cool is that?


Herban Floral

Herban Floral is a floral design and event studio that specializes in providing organic floral arrangements for special gatherings. 50mg 20 Mg Cialis, This local company (located in Redmond) grows all their greenery at their studio using organic and sustainable methods. They even compost all their floral creations after events. If you have a wedding or important gathering coming up soon take a peek at their website to see pictures of their stunning floral designs that are earth friendly, 20 Mg Cialis.


Compost Pail

If you’re not composting yet it’s time to get started. You can create useful and beneficial materials for the environment simply by composting your yard residuals and food scraps, 250mg 20 Mg Cialis. There’s no need to send your organic waste to the landfills. I found some great compost pails from Storables that are also marked down for the Get Going Green Sale. 20 Mg Cialis, I love the one made of bamboo. 150mg 20 Mg Cialis, Bamboo is a wonderful material to use around your home because it’s sustainable and renewable. There are also compost bins made of stainless steel and ceramic if bamboo isn’t your thing.


Take Action

Do some research on environmental happenings in your city to find an issue you are passionate about. Write a letter to your state legislature voicing your concerns about the environment (make sure you’re specific) and include a plan of action. Send additional copies of your letter to friends and family encouraging them to do the same thing, 20 Mg Cialis australia. If your friends agree with your plan of action you could make an impression when dozens of letters come in addressing the same issue in your city.


Something for Free!

It’s not very often you get something free but this Earth Day is your opportunity, 20 Mg Cialis. If you bring in three recyclable bottles to the Disney Store you walk away with a free gift. That’s a pretty good deal. Have your kids round up a few bottles and venture down to a Disney Store close to your home for a fun family outing. You can find a Disney Store near year on the Disney website. Extra brownie points if you take the bus or ride your bicycle there.


Check out Kelley's King 5 Segment on Wednesday, April 22nd, for more Earth Day info!


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