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Purchase Clomid, Designers have applied decorative molding in homes for centuries to bring interest and dimension to a space. For a contemporary, Purchase Clomid coupon, and inexpensive, alternative to molding take a tip from Steven Miller Design and Woodson and Rummerfield. They both have created a look that appears to be an architectural element, Purchase Clomid overseas, but in fact it is a detail in paint that creates the same affect.


Steven Miller is best known for his fun and whimsical style that incorporates traditional and modern elements. 100mg Purchase Clomid, This office space, designed by his firm, exemplifies these characteristics by surrounding an eclectic mix of frames with paint that resembles molding.


Similarly, Purchase Clomid us, high-end design firm Woodson and Rummerfield, 200mg Purchase Clomid, combines form, function, and flair with these painted frames that add a splash of color to a monochromatic interior.

Feeling inspired, 1000mg Purchase Clomid. Do it yourself with some masking tape and an exact-o blade. Measure the size of your frame with a ruler, using a level to keep your line straight, Purchase Clomid. 20mg Purchase Clomid, Lightly pencil the inside and outside lines of the frame and apply painters tape to the outer edges of the line. To create the scalloped edge, fill the corners with painters tape on a diagonal bias, Purchase Clomid mexico. Using the rounded edge of a protractor, Purchase Clomid usa, trace a semicircle between the sides of the frame. Move the protractor outward to your desired frame width and trace once more. Using the exact-o blade, 500mg Purchase Clomid, cut along the traced edges, peeling off the tape inside of the lines. When you are done, the frame should be the exposed wall while the area surrounding it will be covered with tape. Paint the frame, allow it to dry, and remove the tape to reveal a wall accent that is a classic detail with a contemporary twist.

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