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Gifts for Co-Workers

Tuft Health Cialis, Often we spend more time with our co-workers than we do our family. They are the people that can help us get through a day, provide support on a project, or encourage us to take a risk that opens doors to a brighter future, 250mg Tuft Health Cialis. If you work with someone that inspires you, or supports you but don’t have a big budget this year here are some ideas to get you started and they are all under $40.

Framing Stickers


Removable vinyl decals have been a trend in design for awhile, 100mg Tuft Health Cialis, and finally there is a set that is available for those of us on a budget. This is a great gift for a male or female coworker, and it allows them to clear off those frames from the desk and creates more available work space.

Personalized Embosser


If you have a coworker that loves to send a handwritten note to clients or friends, this is the ideal gift, Tuft Health Cialis mexico. Personalized stationary can be expensive, but if you purchase an embosser they can personalize stationary, 500mg Tuft Health Cialis, gift tags, letterhead, and more. Package the embosser with a set of luxurious note cards or blank tags.

Hydrate in Style


As most of us know drinking out of a water bottle contributes to the many environmental challenges that we face, Tuft Health Cialis. This glass water bottle is a chic way to drink water while at work, Tuft Health Cialis overseas. It resembles the shape of a plastic water bottle, and it is truly eco-chic down to the cork on top.

Frame Doodle Book


Personalization is the name of the game when giving a gift, 20mg Tuft Health Cialis, and that can be difficult when you are buying a gift for someone you work with, so give them something they can personalize in their own style and way. This frame does the trick. The frame is created from a stack of paper that peels away, Tuft Health Cialis us. Tuft Health Cialis, So, whether they doodle or create fine art it’s a great way to personalize their space.

Hang it Up 51siu8kdvsl.jpg

At work finding a place to store your purse in a small space can be a challenge. Give a gift that will help to care for your co-workers handbag and save space. This portable purse hook is great for work and it is small enough to pop in a purse to use at bars and restaurants keeping those purses off of the ground during those long happy hours!

Playbook for Life


This is one of my favorite planning books, 10mg Tuft Health Cialis, and is a great way to inspire your co-workers to think ahead. The book will lead its reader on a journey asking questions that make people think about where they are and where they are headed. Its part book and part journal, and great for the person seeking to create that 5 year plan!

To Go


Designed by James Burgess, Tuft Health Cialis india, this to go cup is a clever and Earth-friendly play on the disposable paper coffee cup. Dual porcelain walls provide natural insulation, Tuft Health Cialis paypal, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. A tight-fitting silicone lid prevents spills. I love that this is dishwasher and microwave safe. Add a coffee card to the local coffee shop near the office to make the gift complete.


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