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Gifts for Men

Synthroid .150 Mg, Men can truly be the hardest people to shop for during the holidays. But during this time of year how can you let the opportunity pass to show your dad, brother, boyfriend or buddy know much you love them. Synthroid .150 Mg canada, A well thought out gift will go a long way. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for that hard to shop for guy in your life.

A Gift for Dad
12_1710_20091209210855_summer-2009-141Look beyond the typical tie or golf ball gift when it comes to shopping for dad this holiday. Think of something your dad loves and then personalize it, Synthroid .150 Mg. For the coffee-loving dad, package up a personalized photo single french press mug, Synthroid .150 Mg usa. Every time he makes is favorite beverage, he'll think of you. And every coffee lover knows, 100mg Synthroid .150 Mg, a french press is the best.
To take your gift to the next level, include a recipe book to make sumptuous coffee drinks and package up some beans for dad to try. Synthroid .150 Mg, I always like to replace the labels, giving a cheeky title to the coffee like "Case of the Mondays Blend" for a personal touch ensuring a good laugh.

For the Cool Kid
12_1710_20091209212242_summer-2009-108We all know that guy ... too cool for anything, Synthroid .150 Mg craiglist. Well, for this boy, your gift needs to be unique. Synthroid .150 Mg australia, He won't like anything ordinary. Enter your life saver .., Synthroid .150 Mg. the Mighty Wallet.
Made out of tear proof, water proof "notebook paper", this wallet is unassuming and incredibly chic, Synthroid .150 Mg india. Pair it with a fun personalized calling card and even the coolest guy will feel special.

A Picture of Romance
12_1710_20091209213232_summer-2009-082You're in love and you want to get your boyfriend the perfect gift. Synthroid .150 Mg, Many ladies resort to a photo album to celebrate memories and provide a personalized meaningful present. Instead of your typical album, Synthroid .150 Mg coupon, try this modern spin instead...
These faux polaroid picture frames are so fun. Placed on the wall in a cluster they make a stunning design statement that is young and hip. Fill the frames with photos of your favorite memories together and be sure to leave some blank frames for future snapshots. Fill the blank frames with promises for future dates .., Synthroid .150 Mg. he'll love those the most, 150mg Synthroid .150 Mg.

Good Time Gift
12_1710_20091209213818_summer-2009-178What do you get for your buddy that just likes to have a good time. A beer pong kit of course. The key to this gift is packaging. Compile the Book of Beer Pong Synthroid .150 Mg, to make sure he's following the rules. 200mg Synthroid .150 Mg, Include a groovy pint glass for his favorite beer. Toss in a beer rating sheet and some ping pong balls in a keg cup and he's good to go. Put it all in a convenient box and he can take it with him on his next boy's night. If this gift is for your husband or boyfriend, include a hand made coupon for a "boys night in".., 20mg Synthroid .150 Mg. a free pass to have the guys over to your place whenever he likes, Synthroid .150 Mg.

For the Artist
12_1710_20091209215219_summer-2009-095The creative guy in your life will surely love this retro fantastic fish eye lens camera from Urban Outfitters. With its 170 degree view that compacts images into an artsy circle, even the most ordinary shot becomes a work of art.
Share a little of yourself with the recipient by including a list of your favorite picturesque places with the camera. Make a date to go out together and take some shots ... the time spent together is priceless. Round out the gift with a book about displaying artwork to make sure his artistry is given the fantastic home that it deserves.

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