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Go Local!

Clomid Male Infertility, I always tell people that your home should be a reflection of who you are. An important element of the place you call home is the city you live in. Living in Seattle, I am fortunate to have some extremely talented designers at my disposal. I love bringing pieces truly authentic to this area into my home because they are great conversation starters, Clomid Male Infertility australia. When friends and family come to visit, its a great way to show them a piece of the city you call home.



Created by artist and designer duo Shawn Picco and Dawn Basset, LIT lampshades display the exquisite printmaking and design skills of their makers, Clomid Male Infertility. Each shade is one of a kind and customizable to suit your needs; a true illustration of functional art. 750mg Clomid Male Infertility, Select from a variety of shapes, materials, and styles or bring in your own for a total re-haul. I particularly love these letterpress lampshades which communicate uplifting messages in a classic font on a unique canvas.

Three by Three

Featured in O Magazine, Clomid Male Infertility mexico, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens, these magnetic solutions are receiving a lot of attention. Three by Three Seattle Clomid Male Infertility, offers organization and style with their magnetic strips, organizers, hooks, and boards. 40mg Clomid Male Infertility, hookmagnet.jpg

These magnet hooks bring a pop of color to your kitchen and are strong enough to store heavy duty cast iron skillets.


For an office or hallway space saver, fill this magnetic magazine pocket with papers and cover the outside with memos, photos, and anything that inspires you, Clomid Male Infertility overseas. It’s handy, colorful, and takes the clutter off of your fridge. Clomid Male Infertility uk, Dinah Coops


Dinah Coops truly embodies the Emerald City with her contemporary, organic, sustainable designs. Inspired by European slate tableware, Coops adds her own Northwest flair with modern prints and renewable materials, Clomid Male Infertility. I love the harmonious juxtaposition of the natural leaf print against the whimsical scribbles. Each coaster, Clomid Male Infertility craiglist, charger, and tray consists of resin infused recycled paper with cork backing and is hand silk screened. They are heat and water resistant making them a functional addition to any table. Clomid Male Infertility canada, Erich Ginder


You may have seen Erich Ginder’s designs in magazines like Elle Decor and Domino, but did you know he lives and designs in Seattle. Clomid Male Infertility, By partnering with local artisans, Ginder seeks to blur the distinction between art and design with his intricately crafted handmade pieces.


This stunning chandelier made from laser cut aluminum certainly achieves the union. While it is quite a splurge, sometimes you can’t put a price on a masterpiece, Clomid Male Infertility us.

Why limit your inspiration to the city you reside in. Your hometown and favorite cities influence you as well, so scope out some local designers in these areas. 20mg Clomid Male Infertility, You’ll bring an authentic flair to your space while supporting local designers. When your guests ask about the piece, a story about the town and your connection with it is sure to follow.

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