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Graduation Gift Ideas

Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, Graduation is a time of celebration, change, renewal, and it marks a rite of passage. There are two types of gifts that can be given to a graduate one that celebrates their accomplishment or one that provides them with tools to prepare them for life after graduation. Here are some ideas to do a little of both:

High School Grad

Dorm Room Decor

Put together a few things for your grad to make them selves at home in their new dorm room digs. In a vase large enough to house a goldfish place a two inch layer of white pebbles on the bottom of the bowl nestle in a bag of candy goldfish in a clear cellophane bag with a tag that says, Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life japan, “when things get tough keep swimming.” Add in a bright orange alarm clock and a removable wall decal that will inspire them every day.
I love the Sol Vase from Crate and Barrel:


Microwave It


Being in college usually means living life on a budget, Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life australia, and having a microwave in your room to cook. Well, help your college grad get creative with their microwave cooking, Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life. Put together a collection of containers that are perfect for the microwave, add a mug with their new college logo on the front, include a magnet with measurement conversions to put on the side of the microwave for those measurement emergencies, Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life coupon, and of course include a cookbook on how to prepare healthy meals using a microwave.

Don’t Forget to Write Home


Encourage your graduate to write home by giving them a beautiful letter writing kit. Whether it is a thank you card, 100mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, or a thinking of you note it is easier to remember to send one when they are at your fingertips. Don’t forget to include the stamps. If you can't find a set like this one (Smythson - high end option) then create one of your own by finding a colorful container and including beautiful paper, a variety of note cards and envelopes, 40mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, a great pen, and stamps of course.

High School or College

Thanks for the Memories


Use a digital frame to capture all of those moments in high school and college by transferring a collection of fun photos, 150mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, incorporating favorite quotes and famous sayings by friends or inspirational quotes to keep your graduate going on those long days. Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, Write the quotes in a Word document and transfer them to the frame using a USB stick. Whether this decorates a dorm, or a desk, this gift will be sure to make them smile every day.

College Grad

Resume Kit


Give your graduate a tool that will help them get off on the right foot and land that job they want, Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life uk. Whether you purchase a kit, Cranes has a great one, 1000mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, or create one on your own, include a resume writing book, quality paper and envelopes, along with thank you notes to send after that perfect resume has gone out.

Elemental Entertaining in a Box


In college the combination of living on a budget and sharing a space with roommates it is hard to have a complete set of dishes and a table set properly, 50mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life. After college it is nice to have a complete set of nice dishes that have coordinating glassware, flatware, 30mg Amoxicillin Capsule Shelf Life, napkins, napkin rings, and placecards all in one package. Put together a place setting for four and include a book on how to fold a napkin and set a table, my favorite:


Wrap it all up in a vintage hat box and your college grad will be ready to entertain in style.

Who doesn’t love a lotto ticket?


The chance to win millions right out of college, could be the ideal gift. Package it in something that will stay around long after the lotto ticket is gone by putting it in a silver box inscribed with “Anything is Possible" on the top or inside lid of the box.

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