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Interior Design for the Recessionista

Can Dogs Take Cipro, I am constantly searching for innovative ideas for inspiration, and I always find myself with a stack of magazine articles that fuel my creative energy. If I am ever ailing from “designer’s block,” I find that nothing helps me more than to use all the resources I have and find motivation in unusual places. The trouble is, the photo, 40mg Can Dogs Take Cipro, color, or product that I loved in a magazine becomes a ripped up, loose sheet in the corner of my office. I refuse to invest in a tacky bulletin board, so when I decided to redo my guest bedroom, I wanted to let all of you know this creative way that I used a headboard, 1000mg Can Dogs Take Cipro. After reupholstering the headboard in a beautiful white fabric, I later found that my guest room was needed for other purposes, and I suddenly had no use for my great DIY project. Instead of giving the headboard away, I put it up in my office, and now use it as a bulletin board, Can Dogs Take Cipro. There is enough space for all my inspiration pictures, Can Dogs Take Cipro us, and the ivory color matches perfectly with my décor. If you missed out on the reupholstering Idea Lounge, I will provide you with all the tools below to reupholster the headboard for a bedroom. But if you are looking to add some spice to your office, try reusing old furniture in an innovative way. Have a great weekend and send me an email with your brilliant ideas for repurposing your décor!

A piece plywood that is the width of your bed and 4 ft high: You can have this cut at your local hardware or lumber store (note: plywood already comes in 4ft width, Can Dogs Take Cipro india, so just cut the end off to the length of your bed)

3" deep upholstery foam cut to the same size as your plywood

Batting the same size as your upholstery foam: You can have the store laminate/adhere the batting to the foam for a nominal fee

A fabric of your choice. Can Dogs Take Cipro, We used a white canvas for our headboard. Make sure you have enough fabric to give at least a 1 1/5" ft clearance beyond the dimension of your headboard. (note: For a queen size mattress, we bought four yards of fabric for our headboard. Can Dogs Take Cipro usa, We cut 16 squares of canvas and sewed them together, four across and four down.

Covered button kits. For our headboard we used nine of the 1 3/4" buttons.

A long needle

A sewing machine, if you’re sewing the squares together to create the tufted look.

Staple gun, and plenty of staples

Spray adhesive

Drill, with 3/8" drill bit

Popsicle sticks


Masking tape

Picture hanging hardware to hang finished piece on the wall

How To:
1, 10mg Can Dogs Take Cipro. If you choose not to have the store where you purchased the foam secure the foam to the batting, then use spray adhesive to adhere the batting to the foam.

2, Can Dogs Take Cipro. Use spray adhesive to adhere batting and foam to the plywood. Be sure to line the foam up evenly with the plywood.


3. If you are sewing fabric squares together to create the tufts, sew one row of four together, Can Dogs Take Cipro india, and repeat that for the other three rows. Pin two rows together, making sure all the seams match up. Repeat until you have a giant square that is four squares by four squares.

Can Dogs Take Cipro, 4. Cover your buttons with fabric of your choice - follow directions indicated on the package of the button cover kit.

5. Lay your fabric out over the top of the foam/plywood piece.

6. Pin the fabric to the foam to secure the fabric, 250mg Can Dogs Take Cipro, so it won't slide while you are working.

7. Decide where you want the tufts to be and measure the distance between tufts. Do the same on the back of the plywood and mark each tuft on the plywood, Can Dogs Take Cipro. This is where you will be drilling your holes to thread the buttons and create the tuft.

8. Drill holes where you marked on the back of the plywood. 30mg Can Dogs Take Cipro, Ensure that you go all the way through the plywood and through the foam as well.

9. Cut 3 ft lengths of string to use to thread the buttons for your tufting.

10. Can Dogs Take Cipro, Using an extra long needle, feed one of the 3 ft string lengths starting on the backside and come out the front where your button will go. Put the button on the string and then feed the string back through the head board, coming out the back of the headboard. Repeat for all the buttons.

11. Stretch the fabric over the foam and staple it down on the back of the headboard, Can Dogs Take Cipro japan. Remove the pins that you used to secure the fabric earlier. (note: It's better to have a helping hand here, Can Dogs Take Cipro. Make sure you keep your fabric evenly stretched as you go.)

12. Cut away excess fabric.

13. Tape the ends of popsicle sticks over the drilled holes in the back of the headboard.

14. While one person pushes on the button from the front, tie the hanging strings attached to the buttons around the popsicle stick. Pull/push as hard as you want to create the depth of the tuft you desire. Once your knot is secure, cut away the excess string.


15. Hang the finished headboard on the wall with the picture hanging hardware, and the headboard is complete!


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