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Liqueur Making Party

Buy Cialis Online, Washington is known for its delectable apples, and while this makes for some delicious and nutritious snacks, it also makes my trip to the grocery store overwhelming. As I eyeball bin after bin of Washington’s most beloved fruit, I can’t decide which variation of apple to throw in my cart. I recently heard about a new celebrity in the world of “pommes” called the Piñata Apple: A Surprise For Your Taste Buds. These big beauties are juicy, crisp, 40mg Buy Cialis Online, and have “a classic apple flavor with a tropical twist”. You have to try them because they have cured my harvest hunting woes. With the aid of the palatable Piñata, throw a liqueur making party sure to please you’re your friends and family. The plan is to brew, bottle, cork, and seal, while bonding with your produce loving pals!

Attach a cutely crafted invite tag to an apple corer to inform your friends of your apple extravaganza, Buy Cialis Online. You can find apple corers for only a few dollars each. Nothing could be more fitting, Buy Cialis Online paypal, or useful, for your liqueur making party.


Photo by Elena Hansen

Pick Your Poison, or Just Make It Yourself!
This recipe is for making your very own Roasted Piñata Apple Liqueur, compliments of Crush Restaurant in Seattle.


Photo by Elena Hansen

Roasted Piñata Apple Liqueur
3 Piñata apples, 150mg Buy Cialis Online, cut into slices

¼ cup sugar

½ cup water

2 cups cognac

2 cups vodka

½ cup sugar

15 large sage leaves

3 whole nutmeg cloves

10 allspice berries

½ vanilla bean

In a large sauté pan, place the sliced piñata apples, the water and ¼ cup sugar on high heat. Cook, stirring occasionally until the apples are cooked through and all the liquid is evaporated. Cool the apples, Buy Cialis Online craiglist. Buy Cialis Online, In a sealable glass jar, add the apples and the rest of the ingredients. Seal the jar tightly and place into a pot large pot filled with water. The pot will need to be large enough to cover at least half of the jar with water. On low heat, bring the pot of water to 180 degrees and cook the jar of apples for one hour. 250mg Buy Cialis Online, Carefully remove the jar and allow it to cool to room temperature on the counter. Place into the refrigerator and store for two days to allow the flavors to infuse, Buy Cialis Online. After two days, strain out the liqueur into another bottle or jar and store in the refrigerator. The liqueur will keep for up to one year.

You’ve Got a Crush

We’ve fallen for this amazing recipe from Crush Restaurant in Seattle for a delicious cocktail made with your homemade liqueur!


Photo by Elena Hansen

Spiced & Roasted Piñata Apple Punch
1 oz. cognac

1 oz. Piñata apple liqueur

1 oz, 50mg Buy Cialis Online. verjus
Buy Cialis Online, ¼ oz. fresh Piñata apple juice

Fresh nutmeg

Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Add the cognac, liqueur, verjus and apple juice. 500mg Buy Cialis Online, Stir with a bar spoon for 30 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass. Grate fresh nutmeg over the top of the cocktail & enjoy!

Bartender’s Notes:

Verjus is the sour juice pressed from unripe grapes, Buy Cialis Online. It can be found locally at DeLaurenti, online, or sometimes at wine shops.

The apple juice can be extracted by either an electric juicer, 250mg Buy Cialis Online, or by cutting the apple into quarters and pressing with a handheld citrus juicer.

The nutmeg can be grated using either a microplane or a nutmeg grater.


Spread some Washington apple cheer using the fruits of Mother Nature’s labor. Fill a tall glass vase with crab apples to create a pretty décor piece. Add a simple bouquet of Cala Lillies to complete your space with a fresh and chic detail for your celebration of the earth’s most tasty fruit.


Photo by Elena Hansen

Liqueur Labels
After your guests brew their own liqueur have them personalize their bottle with these attractive and inexpensive labels from Stuck Labels, a company based in San Francisco. Buy Cialis Online, The quality of their products is superb and will give each guest a chance to exercise the creative part of their cranium. Buy Cialis Online japan, As far as bottling your elixir, stay true to the old reduce, reuse, recycle motto by reusing old wine bottles. Finish with a cork, using a corking tool, 750mg Buy Cialis Online, and seal, using a sealing capsule.


Photo by Elena Hansen

Apple Tasting Station
Host an activity to encourage support for our local farmers. Create an apple tasting station so your friends can sample all those Washington apples they sadly pass over in the produce aisle. Slice up four or five kinds of apples and place each variation in its own metal bowl, Buy Cialis Online. While your guests are sampling they should also be learning about the apple they are eating; place several picture frames on the station with facts about the apple, like its flavor and origin, to educate the taste testers.


Photo by Elena Hansen

Take Away
Send your guests home with Crush Restaurant’s recipe for Roasted Piñata Apple Liqueur. Do it in a cute way and purchase these adorable sous chef adornments for the wine bottles. After printing the recipe out, use a ribbon to attach it to the neck of the bottle. This awesome take away will seal the deal for your culinary craftsmanship and leave your friends with something to remember even after their brew is gone!


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