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Olympic Tailgate Party (Part 1)

Medication Colchicine, Our friends up North are getting ready for the Winter Olympics 2010 and as a supportive neighbor, I’m going to celebrate by throwing an Olympics themed party with a twist. We tailgate all the time for major sporting why not "tailgate" for the Olympics too. With the following tips, put together your own Olympic tailgate party to watch athletes hit the puck in hockey, backflip in ice skating, Medication Colchicine uk, and catch some air in freestyle skiing with your friends and family.


DIY Lanyard Invitation:
The lanyard invitation is your guest’s ticket to a fantastic Winter Olympics Tailgate Party. Inspired by a ski pass, 250mg Medication Colchicine, I created an authentic Olympic experience by designing an invitation featuring the Vancouver Winter Olympic 2010 ticket image as the template. All I had to do is add my party details over the top of the image and voila, I had a custom ticket invitation for my guests, Medication Colchicine. Have each guest wear the lanyard to the party for the ultimate VIP experience.

Download the background image you would like to use for your ticket and add all necessary party details over the top using graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Print your ticket invitation in color on white card stock, cut it out and mount it onto green card stock for added detail and thickness, 150mg Medication Colchicine. I embellished the invitation with black glitter for a little frosty bling and then attached it to a black lanyard. Medication Colchicine, For an added detail, consider laminating your invitations adding authenticity and longevity to your ticket keepsake.

What You’ll Need:
12 pack of black lanyards with Swivel Hooks
8 1/2 ‘x 11” white card stock
Black glitter
Glue stick
8 1/2” x 11” Green cardstock

kegcups1DIY Flag Centerpiece:
Every party deserves a festive centerpiece and what tailgate party doesn't include keg cups. I created a centerpiece for my tailgate themed Olympics party using blue, yellow, Medication Colchicine coupon, black, green and red keg cups to mimic the five rings of the Olympics logo. I filled each keg cup with oasis floral foam, topped it with black crinkle paper and inserted miniature flags from some of the countries represented at the Olympics secured to skewers into the cups. Instant centerpiece, Medication Colchicine canada.

Purchase blue, yellow, black, 500mg Medication Colchicine, green and red keg cups from your local party store as well as black crinkle paper. Hot glue the cups together to create the Olympic logo design, Medication Colchicine. Make sure you keep the cups in proper order... blue, yellow, black, Medication Colchicine japan, green and then red. Fill the cups with oasis floral foam, creating a base for your flag skewers and cover the foam with black crinkle paper. Medication Colchicine india, To create your flags, download flag images online, scale them to approximately 1.5" x 1" and print them out. Medication Colchicine, Cut the flags out and adhere the flags back to back around your skewers. I painted my skewers black, but they can be left natural or painted a metallic gold too, 100mg Medication Colchicine. Place the skewered flags into the cups, varying height for interest.

What You’ll Need:
12 pack of wooden skewers
Oasis Floral Foam
8 1/2 x 11 white paper
Black crinkle paper
Multi colored plastic 8 ounce keg cups
Glue stick
Hot glue gun

icelugeThe Ice Luge:
The drinks for your Winter Olympics tailgate party will be delivered from the slopes of an Ice Luge of course. It’s a great way to incorporate the Winter Olympic theme into your tailgate party. 1000mg Medication Colchicine, Guests can have their own Olympic event with this Ice Luge. You simply freeze water in the mold for 24 hours, pop it out and get the festivities going by sending your drinks down the icy slopes, straight into your glass. I offered Canadian beer at my party, but any drink will do the trick.

Check back for additional ideas to throw your own Olympic Tailgate Party!

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