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Quilted Memories

Alternatives To Retin A, We all have them, the Journey concert t-shirt you can't let go of, or a vintage shirt that your mom wore on her first date with your dad. 40mg Alternatives To Retin A, Those memories stack up and then what. The memory quilt is not a unique idea, 250mg Alternatives To Retin A. 1000mg Alternatives To Retin A, If you saw the movie Step-Mom with Julia Roberts there is a sweet scene when Susan Sarandon, who is terminally ill with Cancer, Alternatives To Retin A canada, 200mg Alternatives To Retin A, gives her son and daughter memory quilts that have photographs incorporated in to the quilt. I know, 30mg Alternatives To Retin A, 100mg Alternatives To Retin A, the movie is a bit cheesy, but I am a sucker and each time I see it that scene makes me cry, Alternatives To Retin A canada. The point is, most of us cuddle up on the sofa under a blanket at night as we read or watch television (or blog) and a quilt made from memories makes that personal connection that I believe is so important.

One of my favorite sites is Uncommon Goods, Alternatives To Retin A. 500mg Alternatives To Retin A, They are selling the perfect kit. It works for those of you that love a project and can sew, Alternatives To Retin A ebay. The thing that is unique about this memory quilt kit is that it also works for those of us that don't have the time to sew or don't have the talent.


The "Made with Memories Quilt Kit," comes with pre-cut pieces of caramel-colored minkee fabric (super-soft poly chenille blend),
1.5 yards of minkee fabric for the back of the quilt, an octagonal cutting template, Fusi-knit interfacing, and of course detailed instructions.

For someone like me who chooses to work in her spare time, Uncommon Goods provides the option that allows you to send T-shirts (or other fabrics that have meaning to you) into a professional to create the quilt. Information and a pre-addressed shipping envelope are included in the kit.

Whether you create the quilt to remember someone that has passed away, or give it to a child getting ready for college so they feel close to home, or maybe it's for a new mom and it's a receiving blanket made from clothes she wore as a child it's a very intimate and personal gift that can't help but be appreciated by the receiver.

If you want to give this to someone for Christmas send in your materials soon if you want them to make the quilt for you.

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