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Saint Patrick's Day Party

Zithromax Z-pak, Every year Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March. This was the day of Saint Patrick’s religious feast and the anniversary of his death. The Irish have been celebrating this wonderful holiday with dancing, drinking, and delicious feasts for over a thousand years, 250mg Zithromax Z-pak. With the large Irish immigrant population to America in the mid 1800’s, the holiday gained popularity. It is such a beloved holiday now that Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world by a variety of cultures. With parades, beer, good eats, and Irish tradition in mind, throw an event to spend the day celebrating and laughing with your friends and family.


For the Celts, the shamrock was important because it symbolized the rebirth of spring, Zithromax Z-pak. Zithromax Z-pak japan, When the English banned the use of the Irish language and the practice of Catholicism, proud Irish men and woman began wearing shamrocks on their clothing to display their Irish pride. Use the shamrock for your invite by cutting out the four-leaf clover shape on green construction paper. Cover one side of the invite with a map of Ireland and the other with your party information.


Photo by Elena Hansen


The Blarney Stone in Ireland is said to possess any person who kisses it with the gift of gab, Zithromax Z-pak mexico. Zithromax Z-pak, Set out an oversized faux stone from Display and Costume at your gathering to incorporate your very own Blarney Stone into your space. Let your friends know that all they have to do is give the boulder a smooch and they will gain the powers to coax and flatter. Add a twist to this kissing tradition and leave a stack of little pieces of paper next to the rock so your guests can also leave their wish for good luck on the rock. Who knows, 20mg Zithromax Z-pak, they might even leave a good luck wish for you, the host!


Photo by Elena Hansen

Living Graffiti:

Living graffiti has recently become an urban phenomenon as people begin to cover the sides of towering buildings and decrepit alleyways with beautiful designs inspired by nature using moss. The moss project creates an aesthetic that is contemporary and unexpected while bringing mother nature to the concrete jungle. Consider doing something like this for Saint Patrick’s Day décor in the shape of a clover, Zithromax Z-pak. Since March 17th is approaching quickly, you probably will not have time to grow your moss before your event, 50mg Zithromax Z-pak. Use faux moss to cut out a clover like we did to decorate for your St. Patty’s party. Put a twist on the living graffiti idea above and adhere your design to a backing material and frame it.


Photo by Elena Hansen

You’ll Need:

1.) Faux Moss

2.) Scissors

3.) Foam Core

4.) Textured Spray Paint

5.) Frame

6.) Hot Glue


Photo by Elena Hansen

Zithromax Z-pak, 1.) Using your faux moss, trace a clover shape on the backside and cut out the shape.

2.) Cut a piece of foam core that will fit your frame.

3.) Spray out your foam core with your textured spray paint. 30mg Zithromax Z-pak, We used one that gave a finish that looked like stone.

4.) Let dry.

5.) Adhere four-leaf clover to foam core surface with hot glue.

Ireland’s Royal Board Game:

Amass your party members together and have a ball playing Tara, a game based on Irish traditions. The goal of Tara is to work your way through the three sub-games to reach the ultimate goal of becoming the King. Not only can you set up this two-player game in a really fun tournament style, but you will also learn about ancient Irish legends, Zithromax Z-pak coupon, Ireland’s royal history, and Celtic traditions. Offer a prize for the winner of your tournament. We are rewarding our champion with a fun kissy lips telephone inspired by the Blarney stone tradition.


Photo by Elena Hansen


Jilly Eddy is the world’s first lipsologist, “the unique art and science of reading personality characteristics and energy levels from individual’s lip prints”, Zithromax Z-pak. Zithromax Z-pak uk, Call Jilly and have her come to your Saint Patrick’s Day gathering to read the Blarney Stone kisses of your guests. Your friends can gain the gift of gab and have one of “Jilly’s amazingly accurate personality and energy readings”.

Lipsology Reading from Jilly Eddy, Price upon request @ (206) 937-6510!


Drinks, drinks, 1000mg Zithromax Z-pak, drinks. Everyone loves to drink beer on Saint Patrick’s day and what better way to celebrate than to take the traditional beer and serve it in a new way. Zithromax Z-pak, Make a delicious drink concocted from Guinness Beer and vanilla ice cream. It’s called stout float and your friends are sure to love it.



Give each guest a Celtic inspired mug filled with some pretty green paper. Zithromax Z-pak overseas, Inside the cup place a Lucky lotto scratch ticket. Not only will your guests love their chance to win beaucoup de bucks, but the shamrock adorned lottery ticket is totally reminiscent of the beloved Saint Patty’s holiday!


Photo by Elena Hansen

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