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Sconce Project

This Sconce Project from PointClickHome Cialis Stories, caught my eye with its simple design and simple construction. I love the versatility of the materials you can use to create these wall hanging candle holders and the options available for different plates and backdrops you can find to create you own petit collage of them, Cialis Stories paypal. 200mg Cialis Stories, Whether you prefer to search for vintage pieces from an antique shop or for more contemporary ones from your favorite store, your personal style can really shine through, 20mg Cialis Stories. Cialis Stories us, All the pieces shown in this project from PointClickHome are done on metallic surfaces but I have a sneaky suspicion spraying out some back pieces in bold colors could look really cool too. The choice is yours!

You’ll Need:


Plate or Back Piece


Drill (Screws, 10mg Cialis Stories, Cialis Stories japan, Washers, Cap Nut)


Photo Compliments of PointClickHome


Photo Compliments of PointClickHome


1.) If your candelabra has intersecting arms, Cialis Stories craiglist, 50mg Cialis Stories, start by using your hacksaw to separate them where the curve meets the decorative center portion.


Photo Compliments of PointClickHome

2.) Next connect the arm to the plate by drilling a hole into the plate and the arm nub and then with a screw, two washers, 30mg Cialis Stories, 40mg Cialis Stories, and a cap nut, fasten them together.

3.) Hang on a wall!


Photo Compliments of PointClickHome


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