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Extended Use Of Tetracycline

Sparkling Invitation

Extended Use Of Tetracycline, Summer has just begun so what better way to take advantage of great friends and beautiful weather than to throw a Fourth of July party. The fourth of July is the perfect excuse for a fun get-together, 10mg Extended Use Of Tetracycline, but chances are, your friend’s calendars will be packed with a plethora of parties to choose from. To entice every guest to attend your get-together, Extended Use Of Tetracycline uk, create an invitation inspired by fireworks and adorned with patriotic hues. Extended Use Of Tetracycline craiglist, By adding simple details to your invitation, your guests will not be able to resist attending your celebration in anticipation of your other creative ideas. A wonderful invitation truly previews how fabulous your party will be, 20mg Extended Use Of Tetracycline. This invite was created to mimic a matchbox and is attached to a mini sparkler:

You’ll Need:
Construction Paper

1, Extended Use Of Tetracycline. Using cardstock, Extended Use Of Tetracycline ebay, cut a 7-inch by 2-½ inch strip of paper. Create two small quarter inch folds in the paper, one in the center and one at the bottom, 50mg Extended Use Of Tetracycline. Fold the paper into a matchbox shape.



2. Extended Use Of Tetracycline overseas, Wrap the outside of the matchbox with a strip of red construction paper, and glue blue construction paper on the inside of the matchbox. Attach a tag that says “Let’s Celebrate Together” on the outside and a tag with the party information on the inside.


3, Extended Use Of Tetracycline coupon. Tie a small bow with fourth of July-inspired ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the matchbox.


4. Extended Use Of Tetracycline us, Cut two, small holes, one in the top and the other in the bottom, Extended Use Of Tetracycline japan, on the backside of the matchbox. Place a star-sparkler through the hole for a preview of the fun, fireworks show if your guest attends!

Check out my segment of King 5 Morning News on KONG 6/16 for more Fourth Of July Party ideas!


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