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Super Bowl Sunday Bash

Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, I don’t watch a lot of football, but I am a huge fan of tailgate parties. There is such a sense of community at a tailgate party, people coming together for a cause they believe in – the success of their team. If you can’t make it to the Super Bowl, Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy japan, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the tailgate party to your house. Try a twist on tailgating by taking elements of tailgating and bringing them inside. 20mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, Provide Adequate Seating
The most important element of a successful Super Bowl party is direct access to the television. Provide plenty of televisions, or enough seating for people to sit and enjoy the game, Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy. If you have limited seating, create additional seating using stadium cushions (perfect for those hard wood floors) and stadium chairs that will provide the guests on the floor with back support.

Creative Display Get the Grill Out
Instead of throwing a few bags of chips and some salsa on the table create the feel of being at a tailgate party by using the grill as a centerpiece, 150mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy. Use a small hibachi grill to stack hamburger buns and hotdog buns. Place additional grills on the table, 200mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, using them as trays to display the remainder of the food. Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, Use Astroturf as your table linen.

Get Your Playbook Out
Use several sheets of plywood (each piece cut to 11x17) and with blackboard spray paint cover each board. Pull out your old playbooks or look your favorite plays up online and with chalk write a separate play on each board. Use these as trays for people to carry their plates and drinks, Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy uk, or place them throughout the room to add a bit of strategy to the day.

Stay Active
Kids may find themselves bored during the day. Set up a station with poster board and makers in the various team colors, print out the team’s logos and let the kids create their own fan banner, Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy. 100mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, Create a contest for friends and family to judge at halftime. Hang them throughout the house as they are completed.

Most Outrageous Fan
Send and email to your guests letting them know that there will be a prize for the most outrageous fan costume. Select a panel of judges and give the winner a tabletop book on the history of the Super Bowl, Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy us.

Do Me a Favor Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, Of course you can’t let your guests leave empty handed. Create a goodie bag out of old, or new, 200mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, football jersey’s. Deconstruct the jersey to create the bag making sure the graphics are on the outside of the bag. Include memorabilia (pom pom’s, noise maker’s, 750mg Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy, team stats, etc.). Acomplia No Rx Pharmacy coupon, A toy football makes a great package for post game treats. Make an incision halfway down the seam of the football, punch holes on each side and fill the football with chocolate footballs. Next tie a ribbon through the punched holes to close the football, and you have the perfect post game treat.

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