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Thai New Year Dinner

Zithromax And Prozac Interact, The Thai New Year, or Songkran, is celebrated during the hottest part of the year in Thailand when the sun settles into Aries, the rebirth of the zodiac. This is why Songkran is a time for renewal and change. Throw a Thai New Year dinner party that your friends will flock to partake in to revitalize the body and mind with the rejuvenation of the zodiac. The Thai culture is rich with beautiful traditions that can be incorporated into your dinner décor and activities to create a stunning tablescape. Between the palette of sun colors, Thai inspired dishware, Zithromax And Prozac Interact overseas, a Buddha centerpiece and cleansing ritual there’s no way your friends will leave without feeling refreshed and invigorated!


Send your guests an invitation with a bit of astrological inspiration from the zodiac. The beginning of the Zodiacal year calls for new beginnings and commences with the Aries sign, Zithromax And Prozac Interact. Send an invite with an image of the Aries constellation, otherwise known as the ram, along with your party information. 250mg Zithromax And Prozac Interact, Since you will be extending the sun colors throughout your dinner scheme, make sure you include them on your invitation as well. I used printed orange paper for the invites but you can use the other sun colors as well including red, gold, and yellow. Include a happy New Year message in Thai as well.


Place Setting

Using the sun colors for your dinnerware will create a beautiful layered look of Thai inspired accents, 40mg Zithromax And Prozac Interact. Start with a bamboo serving tray Zithromax And Prozac Interact, as your base at each place setting. Numerous varieties of bamboo grow in Thailand and will set the tone right for your Songkran fête. On top of each tray place three plates including a dessert, salad, and dinner plate that are influenced by the sun colors. Zithromax And Prozac Interact paypal, I used a large gold plate and two other plates with red accents. Red is my favorite color so I incorporated it throughout the entire tablescape by also placing red glass candles for a festive and renewing ambiance. You’ll also need something to eat with so don’t forget to include chopsticks!


Place Cards

Next to each place setting you’ll want to have artfully crafted place cards, Zithromax And Prozac Interact. Again I went with the bamboo element and sun colors. I tied three short pieces of bamboo together with a pretty red ribbon accented by gold. Attach a tag with the name of the guest and voila!



Buddha is a quintessential aspect of Thai culture as the country is heavily influenced by Buddhism. Therefore, Zithromax And Prozac Interact usa, a Buddha statue is a must have addition to your dinner table. Use a Buddha statue as a centerpiece by placing it in a large red bowl Zithromax And Prozac Interact, . Fill the bowl with water and place several floating flowers inside. The Thai New Year is also known as the Water Festival. It used to be a tradition to gently pour water on your elders as a sign of respect but because the Thai New Year takes place during the hottest part of the year, Zithromax And Prozac Interact paypal, kids began throwing water on their friends and passerbys for momentary relief from the heat. The water in either case is supposed to represent a washing away of “the bad”. Often the cleansing water is fragranced with herbs, Zithromax And Prozac Interact. During Songkran Buddha statues are also cleansed with fragrant water. This is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the household. Let your guests know about the Thai tradition, the cleansing of the Buddha, 500mg Zithromax And Prozac Interact, so you all can cleanse the Buddha you have as a centerpiece to bring good luck to all. At each place setting include of of these adorable white elephant creamers. You can fill them up with water so each guest can use it to cleanse the Buddha.



Bag of Zen

Before each guest leaves give him or her a bag of Zen Zithromax And Prozac Interact, for the New Year. You’ll want to include all the right charms to bring your guests bundles of luck for Songkran. I scoured the local bead stores for trinkets, Zithromax And Prozac Interact ebay, coins, and charms to include in little bags. There are many different aspects of the Thai New Year you can use as inspiration to create your own bag of Zen like the cleansing of the Buddha, the throwing of water, visits to the monasteries to offer food to the monks, or sand piles, Zithromax And Prozac Interact craiglist, decorative flags, elephants, and bamboo. Let your imagination explore the different possibilities when crafting this adorable takeaway and inform your guests about what they are supposed to represent. 30mg Zithromax And Prozac Interact, We used a Buddha for meditation and reflection, a fish for abundance, and tokens for inspiration.


Check out Kelley's King 5 segment tomorrow, April 10th, for more info on how to throw a Thai New Year Dinner!


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