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Party Like a Wild Thing

Accutane And Retin-a, There's finally a movie about one of my favorite books, Where the Wild Things Are, which will debut on October 16th. It's a 1963 classic children's book written by Maurice Sendak that fascinated me as a child, especially the hairy monsters and the adventure on the sailboat. For those who haven't read Where the Wild Things Are; it's a fantastic story about the adventures of Max, a mischievous boy who is sent to his room by his mother after misbehaving. Accutane And Retin-a us, He escapes into his imagination where he sails to an isolated island inhabited by seven hairy monsters called Wild Things. In the end, Max is crowned the leader of the forest. It's a wonderful birthday party theme for children where you can have activities that bring to life the story that many of us fondly remember, Accutane And Retin-a.


Adventurous Invitation
Send out an invitation that captures the adventures of Max by creating a boat for the front of the invitation using construction paper and a toothpick for the mast. On the inside include this inspiration from the book, "King Max Has Proclaimed Let the Rompus Begin" along with details for the party, 750mg Accutane And Retin-a. It's a simple invitation to create using construction paper and a toothpick. It will get the children excited about the adventures they will have at the party.

dsc_0023Monster Boat Centerpiece Accutane And Retin-a, Every great party deserves an interesting and creative centerpiece. Of course Max and the hairy monsters had to be included in the centerpiece as they are the stars of this fabulous book. Using faux fur, 150mg Accutane And Retin-a, construction paper, styrofoam balls, and dowels I created hairy monsters and Max setting sail in a red boat with a yellow sail. I recommend that you pull a few signature features from the hairy monsters to include in your construction paper faces. This is a fun and inexpensive centerpiece to create where you get to make your own hairy monsters that is sure to fascinate the children.

monsterfaceDirections for Centerpiece:
Use a 3" styrofoam balls and faux fur to make the heads of the hairy monsters, Accutane And Retin-a. Take a 6" x6" piece of faux fur and sew one end of the piece to create a pocket to insert the styrofoam ball, 50mg Accutane And Retin-a. This will create the head of the monster. Using brown, cream, yellow and red construction paper make the terrible yellow eyes, Accutane And Retin-a paypal, the fangs and the horns. We used feathers instead of faux fur for the Bird Monster. Accutane And Retin-a, For Max, I used cream faux fur for the body and black faux fur for his hair and eyebrows. I inserted a 12" wooden dowel into each styrofoam ball and then used a Oasis foam brick to hold the monsters and Max upright in the red boat.

Wild Things Activity Tables:
Create three activity tables for the children. One for the septor that Max uses when he becomes king of all of the Wild Things, an activity table to to create their own crowns so they too can be the leader of Wild Things and a station to make a hairy monster mask so that the children can create their idea of a Wild Thing, 200mg Accutane And Retin-a.

crownandseptorDirections for Max's Septor:
Insert a into a 3" styrofoam ball painted in yellow. With yellow construction paper make a flower shape with a hole in the center, Accutane And Retin-a. Insert the dowel into the center of the flower shape and then wrap the flower shape around the styrofoam ball. Glue a nail to a small yellow pom-pom and insert on top of the styrofoam ball to pin the petals together.

Directions for Max's Crown:
Using yellow or gold construction paper make a crown by cutting a zig-zag line at the center of an 8 1/2 x 11 horizontal piece of construction paper. 30mg Accutane And Retin-a, After cutting you will have two sides of the crown to glue together to make the full crown shape. Accutane And Retin-a, Glue brown & turquoise fur for the trim of the crown. You now have a crown for each child.

monstermask7Directions for Hairy Monster Mask:
Using green, yellow, and cream colored construction paper make the face, beak and eyes, 1000mg Accutane And Retin-a. You can sew a detail on the beak or use a marker to draw the detail. For the eyes, use a small bottle cap to make the eye shape out of white construction paper with a yellow trim. To create the hair, use black shredded plastic, Accutane And Retin-a. To tie the mask I picked a yellow ribbon to go with the terrible yellow eyes. Accutane And Retin-a mexico, Each child will have their own unique hairy monster mask.

forestbagForest Gift Bag:
Incorporate the Where the Wild Things Are theme in a take away gift bag. I used a handmade faux bark paper glued to an everyday brown bag and decorated it with a yellow crown and fur. For a personal touch, add each child's name to each gift bag. I found an adorable keychain at Urban Outfitters to attach to the handle of our forest gift bag, Accutane And Retin-a japan. For every keychain sold, a portion goes to 826 National-a nonprofit organization that assists students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to help teachers get their students excited about writing. Place inside the bag a Where the Wild Things Are coloring book with 32 pages of scenes and scenarios from the classic book for children to color.

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